Welcome to OR Designs

Bringing you graphic design creativity and innovation.

Whether it's corporate or individual, I can help you on your way to establishing or re-inventing your identity.
I have worked on logo design, as well as things like designs for displays that are used at conferences/conventions.
I have mastered many techniques to digitally restore most damage from photos.
I can adapt existing graphics/art into any print medium/format.
I work with raster and vector based images and I am proficient with Adobe Photoshop CC and Adobe Illustrator CC.

My ideals for creative design are simple:

  • Designs that embody the entity or idea; Person, Business or Organization.
  • Seeing beyond the design, creating a visual slogan. A design that will be recognized universally; the power
    of a visual can be just as powerful, if not more so, than that of verbal slogans.
  • While I am able to work independently, I work best in team or collaborative environments.

To accomplish the end result I employ vision, creativity and hard work, nothing less than 100%.

OR Designs - 2023